Kristian Haggblom + Warren Fithie Exhibition


Kristian Haggblom + Warren Fithie Exhibition We have been in Japan for about 2 years working and making art. We are installation artists using photography, digital imaging, sound and objects. Warrens main field is Digital Multi Media and mine is photogrphy. We have both exhibited internationally and worked in teaching art methods. Aokigahara Jukai is the title of the project we want to show at your gallery. It is work about thefamous forest Aokigahara near Mt Fuji. It is an installation of 4 photographs of the forest, 3 futonswhich are tied into to balls - they look like human muscles and 20 wax molded (cell phones) keiti,that dont actually work but look very real. The futons we left in the forest for 2 months, when we collected them the mold and dirt looked like a painting. The work is about how people live in society and how society lives around pepole. We use a quote from the German philosipher Heidegger to introduce the work: ` is the clearing in which hiddenous will make itself manifest` The work is made in Japan but is not only about Japan, its about a global human existence. The work Aokigahara Jukai will be shown in Malaga Spain in december this year We would like to show the installation in Japan before that, in September, Octerber or November. Next year it will be exhibited in Australia. Krisitan Haggblom